Welcome to ODAEP!

Innovative Arts & Technology Programming For 21st Century Learners

  The Open Door Arts-in-Education Project (ODAEP) is a educational enrichment services company fostering innovation and high-level achievement among 21st Century Learners. Through an array of experiential workshops that include, but are not limited to: entrepreneurship education, technical skills building, financial literacy, leadership development and exposure to the arts, ODAEP both inspires and equips  students to make full use of their creative ingenuity towards life-long success. 
 ODAEPís overall programming model is T.E.A.M. focused--Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts, & Mentoring-- thus enabling school educators to engage key segments of their student body through diverse learning opportunities that can be implemented as an enhancement to the school day  and as an alternative to  traditional after-school programming. Read more... 

ODAEPís programs engage students possessing diverse learning styles via project-based learning and experiential workshops that are aligned with core curriculums and state-wide standards.


More importantly, ODAEP programs can be flexibly implemented during in-school hours, to be used to reach gender-specific populations representing high areas of need and to ensure student outcomes. ODAEP's core programming modules include:

Entrepreneurship Education                                       Media Literacy
Boyz II Men Mentoring Programs                                Collegiate Preparatory Training

Performing Arts & Leadership Training